1. Well gahdayum that boy can sang! Bieber you have competition!


  2. How DARE Lloyd think that this hairstyle is ok!!!!!!!!!!!!? Girl that baby hair has no purpose in 2011!!!! 
Lloyd gets 2 Ru Paul slaps for this crime against humanity.
  3. roxannethefish:

Jonah Takalua all grown up! YES!

YAZ! Humu humu nuku nuku apua’a!!!
  4. This dog gives me everything I need. I’m just jel that he’s a better dancer than me.

  5. LIFE.

  6. So I love that monkey from The Hangover 2. I didn’t even know she was a girl! All I know is that they better hope she don’t have the ebola  virus.

  7. It just gets better. 

    Treemonisha has competition! This woman has just given me the life I need.

    side note: If it wasn’t for autotune, this is exactly what Rihanna would sound like. 

  8. Okay Treemonisha, girl…*moment of silence*

    I can’t even talk about her that bad cuz she’s in church….but I’m pretty sure that the lord would appreciate someone who could actually sing. Also, those jean gouchos, hot pink belt and white lab coat aren’t really working for meeee……….. 

    How about that woman who goes “Sing it girl!”? You should be ashamed of yourself.


  9. LMAO!! A peahen escaped from the Bronx Zoo

    'Pea'-brained Bx. Zoo loses bird

    Another inmate of the Bronx Zoo has vanished.

    A peahen flew its coop and was spotted last night wandering a few blocks from the zoo, scuffling with an alley cat.

    The bird was just a few yards from Metro-North Railroad tracks when it ducked behind a garage with its new playmate, an area resident said. But the cat soon scurried off.

    "I guess the cat doesn’t want to mess with her because she’s big," said Ivelisse Rodriguez. "It’s a beautiful bird."

    Her neighbor, Bernilda Machado, said she called officials at the zoo.

    "I was trying to call the zoo and everyone was on voicemail," Machado told The Post. "Whose feather do we have to ruffle to get this bird safe?"

    BYE BYE BIRDIE:The runaway peahen roosts on a rooftop near the Bronx Zoo yesterday.ERIN CALABRESEBYE BYE BIRDIE:The runaway peahen roosts on a rooftop near the Bronx Zoo yesterday.

    The bird remained perched in a tree as of late last night.

    Jim Breheny, director of the Bronx Zoo, said pea-fowl roam free at the park and occasionally leave the grounds. He said the bird doesn’t pose a danger to anyone.

    A female Egyptian cobra went missing for a week in March after slithering from her enclosure.

    Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/bronx/pea_brained_bx_zoo_loses_bird_9ZSDIbJUjKJ96byDiTxBaJ#ixzz1M6ivdWVf


    All I know is that you can’t try to cage fabulosity!

    Get into the peacocks twitter:


  10. I am so pissed that Glee was actually serious when they did “Friday” last night. How do you make an irritating song EVEN more irritating!? That’s why I like this version better. It’s my jam for real. 

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